The Health Club

Welcome to Seasons Health Club, Beccles

Seasons Health Club is one of a kind providing personalised training, health and affordable fitness programmes for all ages and abilities.

This small personal health club delivers a variety of fun and challenging gym sessions and classes.

The team at Seasons are also trained to provide comprehensive nutritional guidance and to deal with complex injuries and rehabilitation in our Therapy Room.

Want to find out more about why Seasons is the right health club for you? Book your FREE TRIAL today! or call us on 01502 470 999.

Gym Area

We provide scheduled and personalised training with each of our members to ensure we retain our small classes equipped with the latest equipment.

We understand the body and what it needs and we create an ever changing programme of training that changes with the seasons.

Remember, you can have a to see how it works for yourself.


Chat with other members and our team or check the latest information at our Members Corner including the latest local information.

A whole host of locally produced seasonal and innovative products are available at reception, ask for more information from one of the team.

The Loft

The loft is a small exclusive studio providing a range of small personally supervised classes. Whether you are looking to relax, stretch or tone up this is the place to come.

Find out more about each of our classes on the Training & Classes page.

Our classes include:

  • Release and Relax
  • Plyometric Classes
  • High Intensity Training
  • Suspension Training Plus
  • Core Circuit Classes
  • Spinal Mobility
  • Ride and Glide
  • Indoor Cycling
  • Lift Club

Therapy Room

We are able to help with injuries to any part of the body, whether they are joint, muscle, bone, ligament, tendon or nerve related issues. 

Your first session will involve an assessment to find out which structure is causing the issue. Treatment will then be provided during the session.

Our treatment techniques include gentle joint mobilisation, massage, stretching and anti spasm techniques.

We will guide you through treatment by teaching you specific rehabilitation exercises for your injury. We apply these therapies in a progressive manner in an effort to relieve pain, restore optimal function and maintain health.

Our goal is to improve your daily life, whether that means your performance on the field or court or your ability to lift your child or get in and out of your car.

We aim to resolve your injury fast. The rehabilitation exercises are designed to prevent your injury reoccurring in future, so you don’t have to go through the same ordeal again and again!


Situated in Hungate Court, Beccles town is made up of small market squares and winding streets nestled by the River Waveney.

Around every corner you’ll find quirky, independent shops, restaurants and cafes. Look out for a host of community events, festivals and entertainment held throughout the year.

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